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Business Legal Services 

All Business Solutions have an excellent partnership with a UK Paralegal service offering affordable legal help and advice for all your business needs. We specialise in the formation of contracts whether straight forward or bespoke, legal disputes and debt recovery. Paralegals are highly qualified legal professionals who offer many of the same services that a solicitor offer but at a more affordable cost, meaning that everyone, regardless of their financial position will have access to legal services that they and their business need.

Our Range of Services:

Business Contracts-:

  • Shareholders Agreement

  • Service Agreement

  • Founders Agreement

  • Privacy Policy

  • Partnership Agreement

  • Dissolution of Partnership Agreement

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Affiliate Agreement

  • Website Terms and Conditions

  • NDA

  • Consultancy Agreement

Other Legal Services Include-:

  • Employment Contracts

  • Last Will and Testament

  • Commercial Lease

  • Power of Attorney

  • Office Sharing

  • Tenancy Agreement

  • Revocation of P of A

  • Eviction Notice

  • Debt Recovery

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