All Business Solutions has developed a strong partnership with B2B Trade-Card to help companies across the UK reduce Tax significantly.

B2B Trade Card

Our exclusive, online, advertising platform, which is member driven with over 3500 members, all of which are business owners/directors. We are partnered with over 450 accountants in the UK, accountants refer owners of profitable LTD companies to use our service so that they can benefit from growing their business and reduce their tax liability significantly.

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- We can help you access 10% of your Company Turnover through our exclusive B2B Trade-Card platform

- We will reward 80% of all spend same day to your personal Pre-Paid Mastercard, 1 point = £1

- Advertising attracts 19% Corporation Tax saving

- Net cost to your Company of just 1%, this to release up to 10% of your Company Turnover

- Dividend and Corporation Tax saving combined = 40%+

- No set up fees or annual renewal fees, purely a pay as you go option


- You can store and build up your points or spend all monthly, fully flexible

- A wide variety of UK retailers also provide cash-back on purchases up to 14%, this allowing you to grow your points further including 30+ major UK retailers such as Sainsbury’s, M&S, New Look, Virgin, Halfords, SCS and many more

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- You can advertise with us either by paying a regular monthly amount or by lump sum payments depending on what suits your company


- Our minimum invoice value is £500 + VAT. The average monthly customer spend is typically £2500-£3000 +VAT per month and average one off spend is usually £10-20K +VAT


- Any invoice paid before 3pm on a working day will have the points awarded to your account same day. Once the points are in the account, the account holder will need to login to the platform and move points as required to your card(s)


- Card sign up is always for the individual and not the business so will need to be applied for using the applicants home address and personal details (Open to any over 18 UK resident)

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